Sun Guilt: The Struggle Is Real

Sun Guilt: The Struggle Is Real

It’s no surprise that when people move to Hawaii, they are probably seeking a life of fresh air, sunshine, and outdoors. It’s kind of a given. But as life in Hawaii transitions out of its honeymoon stages and into a normal and everyday life, the constant pressure of paradise can become a burden. Ladies and gentlemen, this is something we like to call, sun guilt.

Feelings of pressure and obligation to get outside and make something of a beautiful day overwhelm and often linger over the urge to stay inside, veg out, and bask in a day of complete and utter nothingness.

Sun Guilt: The Struggle Is Real

Flashback to the east coast: cozy winter days spent on the couch with the scent of a crockpot creation, candles glowing on every tabletop, magazines strewn about, and your newest Netflix binge (that you just started earlier that day) is now on season two, episode four. Zero f@*#s given, and it’s glorious. Because what would you have done anyway?

Sun Guilt: The Struggle Is Real

Sun Guilt: The Struggle Is Real

Fast forward to Hawaii: the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the smell of the ocean is inescapable. There are waterfalls to be chased, mountains to be climbed, and white, black, and green sand beaches to explore. The possibilities for one day in Hawaii are endless, and something so many people don’t get to experience in their lifetime.

Well, if you’ve lived in Hawaii for an extended period of time, the honeymoon phase is probably over. You’ve chased the waterfalls, you’ve climbed the mountains, and you’ve seen the white, black, and green sand beaches pretty much every weekend. And they will be right there waiting for you next weekend. Because you live here.

On those days where you’re hung over or even just lazy, there is nothing you wouldn’t give for a cozy rainy day. It’s perfect excuse to avoid the heart-wrenching guilt that you feel as you’re sitting on the couch with the sun beaming through your windows and you haven’t put pants on yet. The sun is taunting you. That my friends, is sun guilt.

It’s so twisted. How could anyone possibly complain about picture perfect paradise weather every single day? But just like everyone else, we get postcard envy, too. Just in a different way. But if you’ve never lived somewhere like Hawaii, you’ll probably never get it.

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  1. I finished my undergrad 6 years ago from here in Hawai’i and then lived in DC for 5 years before returning back to Oahu over a year ago. Sun Guilt is Real!

  2. It’s true! When in I lived in Colorado there would be those cold snowy days where you could hide inside guilt free. If the sun is shining here in Maui, I feel like I should be out on my lanai at the minimum and exploring like a crazy woman at the maximum.

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