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Ali Catalano

Who She Is: Founder, Writer, Adventurer

Current Location: Kailua-Kona, HI

Her Journey: After growing up just outside of Boston, Ali went on to explore Florida, Italy, and now Hawaii. She loves to travel, but also yearns for a place she can call home. It’s those dueling urges that created Roam + Reason, and have her exploring and learning the spin each location has on everything from fashion and food to decor and DIY. When Ali isn’t writing, you can find her crafting, doing yoga, enjoying a glass of wine, or snuggling with her new pup. Isn’t Lani cute? 

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Casey Cavanagh

Who She Is: Writer, Yogi, Bookworm, and Wino

Current Location: New York City

Her Journey: After growing up on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Casey migrated to Florida to fulfill her dream of wearing flip flops year around… and to get a degree in writing. Although she enjoys the warm weather, her next adventure is moving to New York City where she will continue to explore new opportunities that allow her to exercise her writing skills. She’s passionate about green tea, Pinterest, typewriters, tongue-in-cheek humor, and the daily struggle of not over-thinking things.

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Courtney Grace Walker

Who She Is: Founder of

Current Location: Tampa, FL

Her Journey: Courtney grew up in Key West, Florida and made her way to Tampa five years ago to attend the University of Tampa. It was during her college days that she discovered her love of music festivals, and most importantly getting dressed up for them. To her and many others, there is nothing like the energy of a festival and the freedom of dressing to your heart’s desire. She created Threaded Vibes to help girls and guys alike find that perfect festival look that is unique to them. If she’s not traveling to a festival, you can find her at the beach, thrift shopping, or hanging out with her two pups.

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